DESIGN FOR TOUCH {Emotional Intelligent}


As an educator, I strive to foster self-instruction as students learn to formulate their own questions, rather than just answering posed questions.  My classes take students on a journey of self-discovery as they learn the responsibility of creating their own artistic voice and visual language.  I utilize the Socratic method in the classroom, because the ability to ask questions is integral to self-instruction. Ultimately, teaching is about motivating students to teach themselves so they learn to work autonomously.  One of the greatest challenges in teaching is to facilitate broadening of the student’s mind so as to encourage them to see beyond the first solution and generate more possibilities than they thought possible.  I strive to teach students’ to recognize and reach their greater self-potential.


In the classroom, students’ develop design-thinking processes along with technical abilities. Students learn valuable skills through group critiques, demonstrations, hands-on learning, and design assignments.  By investigating historical lineage and contemporary dialogue through critical discussions and readings, students learn to interpret, analyze, and appreciate design. Students also gain visual thinking strategies by looking at a variety of designers, design theories, and design context.  It is crucial to offer students connections to professional design practitioners through visits to design firms and a systematic and on-going visiting designer program to augment the classes.  Such a program is of paramount importance to the aesthetic development and understanding of the contemporary design industry.


Teaching is rarely “value-free” and my own classes carry messages of being open to differences and intelligent risk taking. I guide students through numerous methods and concepts of design while maintaining awareness of their comfort-level. I understand that each student’s path is unique. Therefore, I am dedicated to individually engaging students in creative ways. While students do not have to like every design they encounter, they do need to accept and respect that different opinions and ideas exist.  I constantly strive to educate, motivate, and inspire students to have enjoyment and confidence in their design, as they become life-long-learners.


My teaching has yielded results I could not have imagined early in my career. Teaching has proven to be personally gratifying and I am grateful for the genuine interest shown by my students and the ongoing relationships that I have formed. Teaching is my passion and it allows me to learn, challenge myself and be sustained and amazed by the insight and progress of my students.








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